Friday, March 14, 2014

Low Carb Peanut Butter Eggs - S

   The recipe I promised to some of y'all has now arrived! I know you've been waiting on pins and needles while everybody else gets to enjoy 'the real (fake) deal'. I think you'll find it was worth the wait.

A Note About Ingredients

I did something a little different in this recipe. I used Oat Fiber! Why would you do such a thing, you ask?
1. To achieve a better consistency
2. It's cheaper than more xylitol for a better consistency
3. More xylitol would be too sweet
4. It will help lower carb content and makes a good 'filler'

I'm not sure if oat fiber qualifies as gluten free. There seems to be some controversy on the internet. If you're unsure and don't want to use it you can omit it. I would recommend adding a little more cream cheese and freeze them harder before you dip them.

Dipping Chocolate Ideas

You can dip these in
1. The original Skinny Chocolate Recipe which can be found in the Trim Healthy Mama Book.
2. My version of Skinny Chocolate (everybody has their own version)
3. 85% chocolate bar, melted (probably too thick on it's own and could get very expensive)
4. The Nut Slab Chocolate recipe from the Trim Healthy Mama book ( minus the nuts)*
5. A combination of Skinny Chocolate and 85% Chocolate Bar (This helps a little with the table stable problem and seems to coat a little thicker, depending on what ratios you use)

* I've never tried this. Proceed at your own risk ;)

Peanut Butter Eggs - S

1 cup of Peanut Butter
1/2 cup of Butter
4 oz of Cream Cheese
4 Tbsp of Oat Fiber
5 slightly heaping Tbsp of Xylitol, Powdered
Chocolate of Choice, for dipping

Cream together peanut butter, butter, and cream cheese. 
Add oat fiber and mix well.
Add xylitol, mix again, scraping sides of mixer bowl.

Scoop out dough balls (I used a 2 tbsp cookie scoop) onto
a wax or parchment paper lined sheet.
Freeze for at least 30 minutes, you may need longer.

After dough has chilled or frozen dip each into the melted chocolate and return
 to freezer for about 15 minutes.

Enjoy your own bit of Peanut Butter/Chocolate Heaven!

I would love to get your feedback. Let me know what you think! 

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