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Serene and Pearl's All Day Sippers - An ongoing list! - FP

  I don't know how Serene and Pearl keep coming up with  these great all day sippers. I love trying them, but I can't keep track of all the recipes! I am going to collect the sipper recipes here and keep adding the new ones as they come out. I'm going to try to always put the newest one on top so you don't have to scroll to the bottom of the post to see if there are anymore new ones.

Apple Pie Sip

Place 4 chamomile tea bags in 8-12 oz. of boiling water. Let steep until water cools down to warmish hot but not scalding. Pour this tea into a blender and add the following ingredients.

•1/2 tsp. of apple pie spice
 (available at most grocery stores)

•3 generous pinches of Celtic sea salt

•2 tsp. of pure vanilla and a generous ½ tsp. of Butterscotch extract 
(I use Frontier brand Butterscotch– purist friendly of course. If you don’t have Butterscotch extract, omit and add 1 more tsp. vanilla to make 3)

•Pure stevia extract to taste
 (you need it sweet enough to give that "grandma's best" sweet pie flavor. I use close to ¼ tsp of stevia extract)

•Juice of two lemons

•2-3000 mg of vitamin C
 (A buffered version that includes bioflavonoids is best and will be easier on sensitive stomachs, you can open capsules if you don’t have powder or even throw tablets into your blender

•1 tsp. of MCT oil or virgin coconut oil
 (MCT oil is like coconut oil on steroids. It is made from coconut oil and boosts the thermogenic temperature of your body even more potently than coconut oil does. This makes it a powerful fat burner. It also does not have a coconut flavor so it is more neutral in our recipes and does not clump. But coconut oil will do just fine and tastes great in this recipe.)

•2 rounded tsp. of whey protein powder

•Generous 1/4 tsp of gluccomannan or xanthum gum 
(this is optional but creates a more pie filling, creamy texture to the drink)

Note – if you don’t have the oil or whey protein called for you can substitute with ½ cup of unsweetened almond milk

Blend on high then choose whether you want your APPLE PIE SIP soul warming hot or chilled over ice.

I usually choose to use half of my Sip cold and the other half hot. If you want try the half and half option, take half of the contents of the blender (which is your concentrate) and put it in a 1 quart jar. Pour the remaining concentrate into another quart jar. For your heated PIE SIP, add boiling water all the way to the top of your jar...stir....then taste and adjust to flavor perfection by adding a little more of this or that. If drink is too tart then add a little more pure stevia extract, and vanilla. Next time you could reduce the lemon juice to only 1 lemon if you are not a tart lover (I am). Remember that the Celtic salt balances out the flavor spectrums and also provides electrolytes and minerals. Once you love what you’ve tweaked, pour your hot Apple Pie Sip into a sealed carafe and enjoy a steaming hot mug of apple goodness whenever you need a fix throughout your day or evening.

For a refreshing chilled version, fill your quart to the top with ice and then top off with pure water if your concentrate does not reach the top of the jar. Stir.... taste and adjust the flavors until you "own it". You’re all done!

For a full serving of warmed or chilled Pie Sip, just put the entire blender of concentrate into a 2 quart jar and follow the above directions for either way.


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*Bring 8-12 oz of water to a boil. Place 4 rooibos tea bags in water then set aside to let 


*Once the tea is brewed rich and red and the heat has cooled to just warm, pour the tea 

into your blender and add the following ingredients:

2 Tbs. of pure pumpkin puree 

1/2 tsp. of pumpkin pie spice

3 squirts of pure vanilla

3 generous pinches of Celtic sea salt

1/8 – 1/4 tsp. of pure white stevia extract (you need to be generous as you do want this 

drink to be as sweet as you like your pie) or plan approved sweetener to taste 

1 tsp. of MCT oil or (virgin coconut oil)

2 tsp. of whey protein powder

*Blend until whipped and frothy - this is your pie concentrate.

(note – you can replace oil and whey protein powder with ½ cup unsweetened almond 


if you don’t have those ingredients)

Now take a second to muse upon whether you want your drink chilled and             

 refreshing or hot and soothing. 

For a chilled PIE SIP, pour your concentrate into a two quart, glass Mason jar. Fill jar to the 

brim with ice and then top it off with pure cold water all the way to the top. Stir, taste and 

adjust the flavors until it rocks your holiday world i.e. more of the sweetness of stevia or 

the caramelizing balance of Celtic sea salt or even an extra dash of vanilla or pumpkin pie 

spice. Enjoy!!

For a hot and soothing Pie Sip, add enough boiling water to reach a two quart size and 

taste and adjust like described above. You can put this yummy mixture in a large stay 

warm carafe (cheap from Walmart e.t.c) and use an insulated cup for when you are on the 

go. Sip your pumpkin pie all day but please don’t forget to enjoy it at night by the fireside 

too. Great antidote to the evening snackies.

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Ingredients: 2 lemons * 4000 mg Vitamin C (buffered ascorbic acid powder or tablets or 

whatever is in your cupboard that does not include sugar or dyes) *1 tsp. non irradiated 

Turmeric powder * 1 flat, tsp. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil * 2 tsp. Whey Protein Powder * 3 

generous pinches of high mineral salt like Celtic Sea Salt *3 splashes vanilla extract, * Pure 

Stevia Extract to taste * Optional 4-8 drops of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil of Lemon


1.Peel only the yellow rind off two lemons using a sharp pearling knife, leave as much of 

the white pith intact (the bioflavonoids in the white are an important, healing component of 

the drink). Slice each lemon into four chunks, take out the seeds and throw lemon pieces 

into your blender with 3 cups of water. Blend well.

2.Time to sieve this liquid because as you’ll want your Canary smooth and creamy. The 

easiest way is to pour the ingredients through a nylon mesh bag into a bowl or pitcher.

 You can purchase these bags at a paint store very inexpensively. Squeeze the bag well and 

allow all the lemony goodness to ooze out. This part is super fun. It’s worth a trip to the 

paint store for a few of these bags as you can make homemade cheese and almond milk 

with them. If you want to make this drink now and you don't have a bag, then use an old 

nylon stocking or a fine sieve. That’ll work.

3.Pour your fresh juice back into the blender. Add all the other ingredients and blend really 


4.Fill a two quart glass mason jar with ice to the tippy top and then pour your SINGING 

CANARY juice over the ice. If it doesn't reach the top then add more water to your jar.

5.Put on a lid on the jar and shake like you are a professional drink mixer. Un cap... taste 

and ... OWN IT!!!!! Quite a bit of stevia is required to combat the strong flavors of lemon 

pith and turmeric and to balance out the Celtic Sea Salt. If your Canary has too biting a 

flavor, add a little more stevia and/or vanilla.

Note – Certain lemons have stronger flavored pith than others. If you find using all the 

white from your lemon is causing too bitter a taste in your drink, you can use only the juice 

from your lemons. You’ll be missing out on the bio flavonoids which make the vitamin C 

more absorbable so make sure to use a buffered, vitamin C ascorbic powder that contains 

bioflavonoids. This form will enable you to absorb more of the vitamin C. There are many b

rands out there, just make sure to avoid any sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners. 

Avoid Emergen – C which contains too much fructose and will be too expensive.

The Shrinker

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The Shrinker

1. Boil enough water to fill a large coffee mug in which you will steep 4 tea bags of Oolong. Let it cool.

2. Once cool, pour this tea into a blender along with ½ cup of Unsweetened Almond milk, a couple of generous pinches of Celtic salt, a generous tsp. or two of vanilla, stevia extract to taste (go easy and add more if needed), ½ - 1 tsp. of cinnamon (cinnamon lovers can use more) and cayenne pepper to taste. If you have not developed a taste for hot pepper then use black pepper to replace the red for your chai blend. Turn on blender and blend well. This is your SHRINKER concentrate.

3. Once blended, pour the concentrate into a glass 2 quart size canning jar and fill to the top with ice. If you don’t have a 2 quarter, I recommend you get one as it is fun having your day’s quota (2 quarts of deliciousness) in one huge jar. But you can split your concentrate between two quart size canning jars. You can add a bit of water to the concentrate if needed to make the liquid reach the top of the jar, but do make sure there is plenty of ice to keep the SHRINKER thoroughly chilled.

4. Put a lid on the jar, shake well then taste and adjust flavors. Own it!!!! What do you need to add so it knocks your socks off!! More stevia? More vanilla? I usually add more hot pepper because I like it to burn and make me feel like a feisty tiger!

Good Girl Moonshine 

Generation 2

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The following recipe makes one quart. Double or quadruple as you want.

You’ll need, ginger root * ginger powder * water * ice * cilantro * jalapeno or thai pepper * plan approved sweetener (I use nustevia pure extract powder) * vitamin C tablets * apple cider vinegar

1.Put 2 cups of water in a blender.

2.Add 1 - 2 inch long pieces of raw ginger to the blender.

3.Add 1/2 tsp. of ginger powder to the blender (the fresh ginger root and the ginger powder are great together – the fresh root gives a bite while the powder rounds out the ginger flavor).

4.Add 1 or 2, unsweetened 1000 mg vitamin C tablets. (This is optional but it really makes more of a zingyish taste and is awesome for your immune system).

5.Add 1 small fresh hot Thai pepper or half a jalapeno pepper. Add less if heat frightens you, start with a very small amount but if you are a pepper freak like me, add half a bright orange habanero and get your metabolism really stoking. (This pepper addition is again optional but it really gives the ginger a kick and sets your metabolism on fire.)

6.To get the gorgeous green color you see in the picture, add a large handful of fresh cilantro leaves. 

7.Blend on high until all ingredients are well broken down. If you have a Blend-Tech or a Vita-Mix this process will be a snap but it can still work with a cheaper blender, you’ll just have to be more patient.

8.Rest a super fine sieve over a quart jar or other suitable receptacle. Strain the liquid through the sieve using a spoon to help until all the goodness goes in. Only the fiber will be left in the sieve. 

9.Now add about 2 Tbs. of apple cider vinegar to the jar (I use the raw kind that contains the mother.)

10.Shake in Nustevia pure extract powder to taste. 

11.Add plenty of ice to fill up the jar to the top then give the drink a good hearty stir with a large spoon.

Good Girl Moonshine

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•Fill a quart sized jar with water and ice.
•Add a generous drizzle of raw apple cider vinegar (I use 1-2 Tbs).
•Add 1 tsp of ginger powder (I buy this from the bulk food section at Whole Foods Market).
•Add a few shakes of Nustevia Pure Extract Powder to taste. I only use 3-4 shakes because I don’t like things too sweet but you can play with sweetness and try more. If you use Truvia – try 3-5 tsp.

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