Monday, December 2, 2013

A Very THM Christmas Morning Brunch - S

    It's officially the Christmas Season! Yay!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and this year, I intend to celebrate in THM Style!

    This is a post with ideas to help you get started planning your THM Christmas morning brunch.
We also intend to do a post next week about Christmas Candies and after that a post featuring Christmas Cookies! So Excited! 

    We will not, however, be doing a post for Christmas Dinner because it would basically be a copy and paste job from our Thanksgiving Dinner Post. In our family, we basically eat the same meal for Christmas and Thanksgiving. In case you missed the Thanksgiving Post, click the link below to be directed to it.

And now on to our brunch!

We'll start out with some quick overnight casseroles that you can just pop into the oven while preparing the rest of the feast.

This recipe can be customized for your family's taste buds. You could also add some green and red peppers for a festive flair.

This recipe includes spinach so you would only have to add some red (tomatoes, peppers) for that much sought after festive flair.

If neither of those really appeal to you, you can very easily and quickly make

Scrambled Eggs with Salsa and Cheese
All you have to do is scramble desired amount of egg in a pan with desired amount of salsa. When eggs are cooked transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle with the desired amount of shredded cheese. The salsa already gives it it's colorful flair. Add a side of 

Breakfast Meat of Choice
A very simple side of bacon, turkey bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, etc. Whatever your family likes!

Perhaps you're not feeling the egg thing. Maybe this is the day to finally try the

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

If you don't want anything fancy, just some good home cooking you could make

Low Carb Pancakes from Gwens Nest.

For some sides you could add your favorite low carb muffin recipe such as 

Easy Peazy Flax Muffins or Light White Muffins
Simply toss in your favorite flavorings and/or additives (cranberry nut would be a fun option)

Anytime someone say the word brunch, my brain automatically thinks cinnamon rolls and cheese danish. I can't have a brunch without those items. What's a girl to do? I'll tell you what to do. Make....

I loved these things from first taste. So Good!


When I made these, I used the optional almond extract and sprinkled some frozen raspberries on top before baking. I don't think I baked these long enough, but they were still VERY good.

Check out this very cool recipe I found for 

When I made these, they came out flat not round. I did not care, they were still good. I do think they might be better with an extra tablespoon of almond though. I'm going to try that next batch I make.

For the children, you might want to include a fruit option. You may want to stick to 

Berries with Whipped Cream

And finally for your juice option I would recommend  

The first time I made this I thought it tasted a bit like a traditional brunch drink we had when I was growing up called Orangeade. If you omit about 1/2 qt of water it should make a pretty good substitute.

Absolutely feel free to have 

Coffee with Cream or Hot Tea 
If that's what you heart desires. For the children (or me, ahem..) go ahead and make Serene and Pearl's

    Come back next week when I will try to have my THM Christmas Candy Recipes posted!
   However you choose to celebrate the Christmas Season, we here at The Trim Recipe Box wish you and yours a Very Merry Christmas!!!

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