Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Quick Tip - Fast and Easy Whipped Cream

    I hate strongly dislike having to use our Kitchen Aid Mixer every time I want just a tiny bit of whipped cream.
    I know... I could just buy an aerosol can of it from the grocery store, but that doesn't really appeal to me for multiple reasons. One being, I live with 4 brothers.
    Some of you don't understand what that has to do with anything. Others are nodding theirs heads in sympathy. It makes perfect sense to you.
    I cannot tell you how many cans of whipped cream I have brought home and used once or twice and then the rest of the can disappears. Everybody denies even knowing it existed, much less actually touching the can. It's a mystery..... So it's not very cost effective.

    Now, after figuring out my nifty new trick, I can have a tiny bit of whipped cream whenever I want.

How do you perform this modern marvel, you ask? Very simple. 

Pour however much cream your little heart desires into a blender cup.
Add a quick dash of Vanilla and sweetener.
Twist lid on cup. Blend until you see the consistency change.
This will be about 5-10 seconds (I think, I've never actually timed it).

I don't know how this will do with bigger amounts (like a full cup) but I'll try it someday when I want that much. Until next time, Happy cooking!

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