Monday, September 30, 2013

'Rice' Pudding - E

This recipe does not contain rice. Instead it stars the superfood... quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).
If you have never heard of quinoa or perhaps you have heard of it, but have no idea what all the buzz is about, check out this Quinoa YouTube Video . It will also teach you how to cook it, if you don't already know. ( I do not necessarily recommend all the recipes as part of the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle, but the video is so informative I wanted to link it for you)

For those of you who are trying to learn to incorporate quinoa into your diet, this is a great quick and easy way to start.

    One of the great things about this recipe is you can use it as a breakfast, snack, or dessert! I typically just use it for breakfast, but feel free to do whatever works best for you!

*Quinoa Tip: I usually just cook up a couple cups at one time and freeze individual 3/4 cup servings. This makes a quick recipe even quicker!

 'Rice' Pudding - E

Make the Hot Custard recipe from off the Trim Healthy Mama forum
(follow link to recipe)
to this recipe, add cinnamon and nutmeg to taste
       When finished, add 3/4 cup of cooked Quinoa.
Stir Well.
You can eat it warm or make it the night before
 and put it in the fridge overnight for a ready to go breakfast in the morning!
(I love ready-to-go breakfasts!)

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