Friday, November 1, 2013

Fitness Friday: Mesomorph

I apologize if this post seems hastily thrown together or has little illustration. As I mentioned  last week, it's quite hard to find pictures of even semi modest examples for this topic. But I will try to illustrate the subject with my words. If you want to see images on this subject, a simple Google search would easily locate you relevant and exciting info. However, I would advise using caution - it's not always kind to the eyes! ;)

To start, while I will not be posting pictures of myself, I do believe that I am a Mesomorph body type myself. I easily put on both fat and muscle, which can be discouraging but also rewarding at the same time. On the flip side, I can lose fat or muscle easily as well. The upside to this body type is that when I do workouts (this can be a challenge), I see muscle growth very quickly, probably faster than the average person.

The downsides to this body type is that if I take a cheat day or if I am little less vigorous in my approach to switch up my fuels, I will easily gain fat. But, I don't have to be discouraged because I know it will easily come back off, especially if I eat a FP. Another characteristic of the Mesomorph body type that I match is having a love to exercise and be fit. I am younger than most THMs and am very interested in health and fitness; so when I read the few opening sentences of Serene's Story (Chapter 29) in Trim Healthy Mama where she mentions that she is one of the few crazy folk that have been interested in health and fitness since childhood, all I could say was, "Amen sista!". *grin*

There also psychological and personality characteristics to match this dynamic and vibrant fitness personality and body type. We (mesomorphs) are usually people's motivators to get up and work up a sweat. We delight in finding new ways to better our bodies and keep them running good for life. We find ourselves devouring health & fitness blogs about how to make quick healthy yummy snacks that will actually benefit our waistlines. We WANT to know and do the most effective workouts for our bodies to be what God created them to be.

The physical aspects of this body type are:

  • Shoulders and hips that are proportional to one another
  • Relatively small waistline 
  • Generally short (The word "meso" means short)
  • Easily puts on muscle 
  • Easily puts on fat 

If you have any tips for successfully maintaining a mesomorph body, I want to hear them! 

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