Friday, January 31, 2014

January Update Post and Chocolate Muffins - E

Okay, I promised myself that I would do a monthly progress report. So I must keep that promise.

Ready for the excuses?... Good, because it took me a long time to come up with ones as good as these ;)


I did pretty good maintaining my goal for this month....but...(why must there always be a but?)
There was one week this month that was CRAZY. My brother was sick and I had to fill in for him at work (it's a family business) on top of my normal schedule. The one morning, I woke up at midnight and did one job caught a half hour nap and moved on to the second job. So... I didn't exercise that week. but I did all  the other days I was supposed to! Folks this is serious progress for me. I DO NOT like exercising. It might be growing on me though. (just a teensy, tiny bit. Nothing major.)

E Meals

I did okay with this one as well. I don't know if I actually maintained 5 a week or not. But it was definitely improved!

Total Weight Loss for January

Umm.... None. Remember that week I previously mentioned? About halfway through, I fell off plan. My brother had graciously made supper since I was working and I couldn't ask him to THMify it. He only knows how to cook 3 things. (two of which he learned during that week). So, I fell off and was too busy to bother getting back on. As soon as that week was over, however, I did jump back on immediately.

    I also noticed this month, for whatever reason, I'm not eating my fuel pull meals like I had been. I'm sure that's also a large contributing factor.

Recipe of Choice for the Month!

    I noticed I have a habit of obsessing about a certain recipe for a while. I decided it would be neat to post a link to that recipe here each month. FYI - This is not necessarily the recipe I liked the most. It might just be the one I ate the most.

     This months recipe was chosen because I was blown away by how good these were and they fit in with my challenge to eat more E meals. I'm sorry there's no picture, I'll try to have one for next month.

Chocolate Muffins - E 

I eat these with a side of Greek Yogurt. You can bake a big batch and just freeze them for when you want more!

  These are so good, you can also eat them as an E dessert! ( A little Strawberry Slim Belly Jelly and you have a Strawberry Covered Chocolate muffin! Cool, huh! I think that's what I'll eat on Valentines Day!)

I did some quick calculations in my head, so it could be wrong, but I think about 3 muffins would be a serving (assuming you got 18 out of a batch like the author did).

If you only eat one, I think your in FP territory!

New Goals for Next Month


   I'm going to keep the same goal of 3 days per week. I did well last month, but I want to do perfect next month!

Following the THM Plan

     I'm want to try something a little different. I'm going to try to eat 1 S meal a day and  E or FP meals for all other meals/snacks 5 days a week. Which days/meals I choose for the S meal can vary (just to clarify, the other 2 days I will still be on plan, I can just have more than 1 S meal).

I'll let you know by the end of February how I did!

What monthly goal do you have? I would love to hear about them.  Maybe I'll implement some of them for March!

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