Sunday, March 9, 2014

February Update Post and Lemon Cake Delight - FP

   I am way overdue to post on my February progress. My Aunt Bea is in the process of moving and I've been helping her. ( I always have good excuses, don't I!)


    My goal for last month was to exercise 3 days a week. I missed one day! I will chalk that up to life and consider my goal met! I have never been this dedicated to exercise in my life. It didn't really seem to help my weight loss however. I might be doing something wrong. I'm going to reread the exercise chapter in the Trim Healthy Mama book then readjust.

Following the THM Plan

    I did fairly well with my E meals this month until the very last week. I'll try to do better with those next month but I certainly did better this month!

    I did implement more FP meals and was happy to have them back in rotation. :)

Total Weight Loss for February

    I'm not exactly sure but it was around 4 pounds. My scale is finally moving!

Recipe of Choice for the Month

    Whoops! I forgot I was going to try to have a photo of this month's recipe. Maybe next month!

This  is my favorite FP breakfast recipe. I made up a master mix of the dry ingredients so I could just quickly make this and run out the door.

    I usually eat this with Greek Yogurt and Slim Belly Jelly.

New Goals for Next Month

   Reread the Exercise chapter in the Trim Healthy Mama book then readjust my goals and be ready for dedicated exercise in April.

Following the Plan

  I love experimenting with THM approved desserts. I think I might taste too many of my concoctions. I feel my weight loss would be better if I cut back on my plan approved desserts a little bit. I'm going to aim for desserts 4 nights a week ( I usually have a dessert of some sort EVERY night! I have a vicious sweet tooth.)

    I'm also going to try to maintain 4-5 E meals a week with liberal amounts of FP meals added.

What exercise program are you following? Do you have any advice to help me be more effective?

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  1. Yay!! I'm impressed with you only missing one day! That's fantastic!


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