Friday, October 25, 2013

Ecto, Meso, Endo: Which are You?

Happy Friday, my THM sisters! How are we going to celebrate the coming weekend? A slice of decadent peanut butter pie drizzled with Skinny Chocolate? An all out  FP smoothie to help bust off the pounds while still feeling so pampered?  Or maybe you want a cozy Apple Pie Sip (recently released on the Facebook page)  to pair with some low-fat fall treat? Whatever it is, treat yourself! Because you deserve it, you Trim Healthy Mama (or Single, you know what you are) you!
Now on to the order of the day... talking about fitness! How many of you have read the fitness chapters     (36 - 40, if I remember correctly)? Raise your hand, say I! (Okay, this is getting awkward. Never mind.)
Anyway, one of the most important aspects of being fit, fierce, and fabulous is understanding your body type. Now, don't think Charlotte's a lame blogger just because she didn't put a pic                                                       of said body types in her post. Nooo, Charlotte's just being kind to your eyes. There are so many indecent images! Anyway (I say this a lot because I get on rabbit trails a lot!), this is so key to better understanding just how your body is built to function and perform. You don't NEED to feel down on yourself, that you are not "skinny" when the body given to you by God was never made to be skinny. 

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Like it says, "Exercise to be fit, NOT skinny!" Often, we are so trying to be a second rate version of second else that we miss being a first rate version of ourselves! But that is another subject for another blog post!

Three keywords today are going to be: mesomorph, endomorph, and ectomorph! (Good grief, I feel like a teacher!). If you do a Google search for these three combined terms combined you are going to get a lot more info than I can give you in this short blog post today. But hopefully this will be enough to set you on the right path to understanding you and your body. Serene describes these body types in the book. If you combine this information and other pertinent facts that she mentions like having to eat Crossovers frequently, you can figure out that she is a ectomorph. Here is a picture of her and Mercy doing kettlebells together to illustrate my point: 

Serene and Mercy doing Kettlebells
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Aren't they beautiful fit women?! Here's a second close up of Serene to further illustrate my point.

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Do you see how she is tall, has a very slim build all over (not just "skinny"), but is still toned and strong? This is typical of the ectomorph body type, especially if the people in this category take care and nurture of their body, and exercise it like Serene does? To me, Serene is a beautiful example of this body type! Please give her a round of applause!

Now what are the characteristics of an Ectomorph? They are:

  • Has a hard time gaining weight
  • Thin
  • Generally tall, but not a hard and fast rule
  • Red hot metabolism
  • Does not easily gain muscle
  • Flat chested
Now if I have not just described you, do not, I repeat DO NOT look down at your slimming down self and say "What's wrong with me?!". There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU! You are beautiful just the way God made you! There is no one body type that is more beautiful than another. 

In the book, on the Facebook page, on the forum, etc. Serene and Pearl stress making the plan work for you as a unique individual with unique needs and preferences. With that being said, there are certain guidelines that you can expect to have to follow if you are a certain body type. For example, because of having a hard time putting on weight and being naturally thin, Ectomorphs need a lot more Crossovers than the rest of us. They will probably need to workout a little more than others to get toned because it is hard for them to put on muscle as well. 

If this subject interests you, please be sure research this, it is so fascinating! Thanks for reading and be sure to check back next week for a post on the Mesomorph body type!


(Note: I had intended and planned to write a post on all three body types but chose this one by one introductory option instead due to time constraints and the sheer amount of brain power it would take for you to comprehend all that information! You're a Trim Healthy Mama, not Superwoman! LOL! :) 

Now go enjoy your weekend!

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