Friday, June 13, 2014

Special Occasion Strawberry Lemonade Cake - S

    I made this wonderful cake for my Mom for her birthday. It was a hit! We ate way too much of it. Even the non-THMers were caught snitching pieces.
    Don't be intimidated by this picture. You don't have to be a cake decorator to make it. It just might not look as nice ;) My instructions won't include any cake decorating equipment.

Special Occasion Strawberry Lemonade Cake

1 Recipe of Special Occasion Chocolate Cake from the Trim Healthy Mama Book
(Page 384 - omit cocoa powder)

1/2 Recipe of Singing Canary Pudding
(made very thick and refrigerated overnight)

1 1/2 Recipes of Whipped Cream

1 Lb of Fresh Strawberries, Hulled and Sliced.

Bake cake according to directions (remember to omit cocoa powder ) in
two 8'' round cake pans. Allow to cool completely.

Place first layer on a cake plate. Spread a good amount of the Singing Canary Pudding
on top (no more than 1/2 of the amount but that might be a little much). Add a single
layer of sliced strawberries. Place second cake layer on top. Ice sides with the Whipped
Cream. You 'll want it to be fairly thick as this is the only 'icing' the cake will receive.
On top add more Singing Canary Pudding ( try to keep it from getting too close to the
 sides or it will 'bleed' down the cake) and the rest of the sliced strawberries.

If you're going for a good presentation, you might want to just hold the last layer
 of pudding and strawberries for right before you serve. If you do that you
can also add whipped cream to the top when you ice the cake.

If you want to make this patriotic, use blueberries with the strawberries!

Grab a grandson whose birthday is two days after your's, make a wish and blow out the candles!
(Last step is optional)

Happy weekend, everybody!

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